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Platt Boy purchased his first set of decks in 1991 at the tender age of 17. Influenced by Hardcore rave and dance culture, Platt Boy paid homage to, practiced, prioritised and threw liberal time at his craft like only a teenager can!



In the mid to late 90's and largely playing progressive House in venues such as Maximus and Club Koo to name a couple, he warmed up for DJ's such as Steve Proctor, Xpress 2 and Trannies with Attitude. Immersing himself in this world gave him valuable experience of how notable DJ's seamlessly mix, mobilise and entertain a crowd.


Changing tact , in the 2000's and responding to the musical zeitgeist, Platt Boy hosted Indie and Alternative nights around Camberwell and Bromley. Enthusiastic to play a range of genres, fast forward five years ago and Platt Boy started his own promotion with four local, like minded DJ's


Step forward 'Eclectic Disco' - an outfit who played music inspired by Ibizan club night, Glitterbox.   After some sound parties and working hard to build the brand, covid hit so it was time to diversify and venture into the world of radio. Platt Boy promises spontaneous, funny shows where genre wise anything can happen.


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