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Phill Leggatt's early influences in electronic music were in the early 80's with the sounds of Hip-Hop and Electro, then in 1988-89 the Acid House-Rave scene hit home.

Soon the vinyl addiction took hold and not long after that he purchased some turntables and mixer to learn to mix.

The mid 90's is where he served his Dj apprenticeship, playing at pool parties, bars, beach parties and the clubs of the Greek islands. 

These years helped him to be able to play to any crowd ranging from Hip-Hop to Soul, Disco, Balearic, Acid House, Old School, Drum n Bass, Garage, Breakbeat and right across the House music spectrum.

This unique style comes across whilst playing at his own Olds Cool & House of Rhythm parties, DJ sets and weekly radio shows every Thursday 8-10pm on Freshsoundzradio.


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