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Started with my Dads sound system back in the late 70s, then moved onto my cousins Jam Down Rockers, early eighties. I wanted something more. As an apprentice, we all used to meet up on a Friday afternoon at Brixton town hall to collect our wages and would plan our weekends! We decided to go to Lyceum in the Strand one weekend; our very first time, where a certain Steve Walsh was playing! I couldn’t believe the mixture of people in the place and it was rammed to the hilt! The rest is history, so to speak!

Played at various venues in London, Mayfair Club, 18 maths at the infamous Backbeat Club, residencies in Greece, touring the islands on my 6 week teacher holidays, played at the White House in clapham; had an 8 year residency in The Pentagon, Clapham. But my favourite was Plastic people in Shoreditch! It had a different vibe, neat, tidy and underground. I loved the garage era, have a room full of vynil, 2 x 1210s mk2, and a huge urge to blow my neighbours adjoining wall out! I’m into soulful deep house and amipiano at the mo, but my heart belongs to all things House! Lastly, I am a 10 year veteran of; my family bar mine!

Just as the debate is still raging on whether it is right or wrong to use the sync button; I feel the same about DJ profile pages. I have thought long and hard about posting a profile, and this is what I have come up with!

‘Let the music be my profile; let the selection be the guide to lead you to where I am, want to be and end up.’

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