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Naughty or nice you know the rules there are none that is me Dj Ricko aka  Muff daddy, Dj Easy lay, Kentish ,King of Kent and the Earl of Essex. Having started on the mobile disco scene as the Sounds of Saturn way back in the summer of 1975 when the Hustle was No1 on the Billboard hot 100. myself and my music partner thought it would be a good idea to both wear white suits which was not our best idea that never lasted long the suits that is not the music. the music all about the music from disco ,house love getting lost in music and the joyful feelings it stirs up in my chest down to my toes.


Played at various pubs and clubs in and around Kent, Essex and London town for Baysic Sessions, Grovin & Movin, Olds Cool, Groovin on a Sunday. loved my time on Jacks House TV a Worldwide internet TV and Radio broadcasting station working with quality djs but all good things come to an end so radio was next and here we are riding the airways with Freshsoundzradio with a massive line up of quality djs and listeners all about the music family

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